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Synthetic Gloves

Chemical Resistant, Support & Unsupported Gloves

We offer a variety of chemical resistant, supported and unsupported gloves. You'll find PVC gloves, Nitrile/PVC gloves, Neoprene/Latex gloves, Nitrile, latex and vinyl disposable powdered and powder free gloves.

The gloves we carry offer different options for different types of jobs.

  • Smooth: The inside glove is “singed” by flames before dipping to remove small lint balls which occur naturally on all knitted cloth. The idea that smooth plastic is also slick is much more perception than reality. Actually, smooth plastic gloves provide an excellent grip for most objects.
  • Sand: After the initial dipping, sand-like polymers are applied to the coated glove either by spraying or re-dipping before the original coat hardens.
  • Rough: The inside glove is unsinged so that the surface has a “pebbled” appearance.
  • Uneven Raised: As on the 3362G, the surface of the glove is chemically treated to cause an overall matte finish with irregular etched grooves.
  • Embossed / Textured: Unsupported glove terms. The form used to dip into the molten latex or plastic is etched with a grooved pattern so that when the glove is turned, the surface of the palm has a pattern.
  • Grit: As on the 3370G, PVC chunks, larger than sand, are sprayed onto the dipped glove while plastic is still molten.

Disposable Gloves

FFDC/USDA Requirements: All Majestic thin mil products are in compliance with FFDCA (Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act) and USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) for use in federally inspected meat and poultry plants.

  • Latex Lightly Powered Gloves
  • Latex Powder Free Gloves
  • Nitrile Powdered Gloves
  • Nitrile Power Free Gloves
  • Vinyl Lightly Powdered Gloves