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Oil/Gas/Utility/Petrochemical Gloves

In this category you will find our Oil, Gas, Utility and Petrochemical gloves. The Armor Skin Knucklehead X10 glove series. Armor Skin™ synthetic leather palm with anti-slip shock absorbing double wishbone PVC palm patches. Full finger, back of hand, and thumb crotch TPR protection.

Gloves Options

  • Grip: Double Wishbone PVC Palm All styles feature a double wishbone PVC palm that is triple sewn, increasing the grip strength. The Majestic Knucklehead X10 has been tested and has a 21% increase in static coefficient of friction and 35% increase of kinetic COF over the Kong.
  • No Velcro: Elastic Wrist To decrease the chances of a snag or pulling of the wrist closure the Velcro closure has been replaced with an elastic wrist.
  • Cut Resistance: Alycore and Kevlar provide incredible cut resistance. The 21245 is rated a CE Cut Level 4 and the A2S42Y achieves ANSI 5 cut resistance!
  • Winterlined: The 21247 is lined with Thinsulate to provide a barrier from water, wind, and cold weather.
  • Water and Hydrocarbon proof: Like the 21247, the 21243 has a breathable water proof bladder to provide comfort while protecting against water.