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Cut Resistant Gloves

In this category you will find our cut resistant gloves. We carry various different styles of cut resistant gloves as well as different levels of cut resistance. We all know how important cut resistant gloves are. They are designed to protect your hands from direct contact with sharp edges such as metals, ceramics, blades, glass and other materials. Cut resistance is determined by a gloves thickness and the material composition. The cut level is increased by material weight and using materials like Kevlar, Spectra, Dyneema and other special coatings. 

Performance can be affected by a gloves weight. A lighter weight gloves allows for more dexteriy and comfort which results in less hand fatigue. Coated gloves can help with grip, especially on slippery items or surfaces.


Cut Resistant Glove Materials:

Dyneema Spectra Synthetic fiber with high cut and abrasion resistance. Chemically inert to sanitation bleaches and high PH laundering. 

Dyneema Food Handling Glove Series:The series is available in three weights: a lightweight 13-gauge, with an ANSI Level 3, CE level 5 protection rating; a medium weight 10-gauge, with an ANSI Level 4, CE Level 5 cut protection rating; and a heavyweight 7-gauge, with an ANSI Level 5, CE Level 5 cut protection rating. The gloves are made to withstand repeated laundering and may be bleached. The gloves are made entirely with FDA accepted materials, and the antimicrobial is FDA approved for intimate contact with food.

Kevlar Aramid Fiber: Kevlar Aramid fiber is used to make a variety of items safe and cut resistant. It is very lightweight and extraordinarily strong. It has five times the strength of steel on pound per pund basis. It is best known for its use in ballistic and stab-resistant body armor.

Alycore: Alycore™ offers cut, puncture and needle resistance like no other product has before. Composed mostly of super-thin threads of iron and carbon, Alycore™ is lightweight, flexible, breathable, recyclable, and washable while providing ultimate protection. One layer of Alycore™ provides over 2730 grams, or over 6 pounds, of cut resistance!

HPPE: Keeping workers safe from cuts and abrasions demands the right kind of hand protection for the right job. High Performance Polyethylene (HPPE) is one of the strongest and most advanced cut resistant fibers available. Its lightweight properties offer tactility and flexibility while maintaining exceptional cut resistance and extreme comfort.

ANSI (U.S.) and EN (European) cut resistant tests are not the same and the resulting Cut Level ratings can be easily misunderstood. For both tests a higher rating means a higher cut resistance number (1 thru 5) but it’s very important to compare gloves using the same standard. An EN Cut Level 3 rating could be an ANSI Cut Level 2. Most U.S. companies currently use the EN standard as does Majestic Glove.

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