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Protecting your hands is extremely important. Hand and wrist injuries account for over fifty percent of workplace accidents…and most are preventable! Even if you're not required to wear gloves at your workplace, you should consider wearing them as a proactive measure to protect your hands. Using the correct hand protection product is critical, and that’s why Majestic offers a broad selection of products in nearly every glove application category. The right gloves can offer protection from abrasions, cuts, chemicals and countless other workplace hazards. While looking over the Majestic styles on our website and before making your final choice of a glove, be certain it matches your workplace application.

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Hand Protection Solutions |Global Construction Supply

At Global Construction Supply, we offer many different types of gloves and glove styles to protect your hands: Mechanic Gloves, Hi Vis Gloves, Drivers Gloves, Welders Gloves, Winter Lined Gloves, Mechanic Style Gloves, Cut Resistant Gloves, Synthetic Gloves, Disposable Gloves, Knit Gloves.

If you're looking for something specific that you don't see on our site, give us a call at 855.363.7200.


We can even add your logo to our gloves. Minimum order required, call for details.

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