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We Know Fall Protection Safety…
The best fall protection is to eliminate the fall safety hazard altogether. We know that isn’t always possible. Whether you are trying to prevent a fall with fall safety guardrails, trying to restrain a worker from accessing a fall safety hazard, or you need a personal fall arrest system (PFAS), FallTech can help.

We Know How To Solve Fall Safety Problems…
Fall protection safety is about solving problems for workers who are required to work at height. FallTech has a team of engineers, field experts and fall safety trainers available to perform fall safety hazard analysis and develop fall protection product solutions for the most challenging work environments.

We Know The Rules of Fall Protection…
Fall protection at its core is driven by standards and regulations. Both OSHA code and the family of ANSI Z359 standards are central to FallTech’s mission to build fall protection products that bring you safely home.

We Know Our ABCD’s…
In its simplest form, a personal fall safety system should be designed to keep you from contacting a lower level if you fall. A personal fall arrest system consists of an anchorage, fall safety body wear, connectors and a deceleration fall protection device.

An anchorage connector is a component that attaches to a structure that is capable of safely supporting impact forces during a fall event. Types of anchorages include multi-purpose, beam, concrete and roofing anchors, sling and grip anchors, wire form hooks, and beam clamps.

The full body fall safety harness is used to enjoin the body with the connecting device in every personal fall arrest system. Full Body Harnesses should be chosen to complement the work to be done with consideration to the work environment. FallTech has a broad range of styles including standard non-belted, belted construction style, vest style, crossover, climbing, tower and retrieval with one to seven D-rings.

FallTech offers a wide range of fall safety connectors - lanyards, lifelines, carabiners and extenders - that couple the full body fall protection harness to an anchorage.

A deceleration device, such as a self-retracting lifeline, slows the worker and reduces forces to the body and anchorage during a fall.

We Know Your Industry…
FallTech understands that fall protection requirements are different for each of our customers. That’s why we have designed fall protection components and fall safety systems for a wide range of work settings and environments.

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