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You Are Critical

You Are Critical

You Are Critical

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted many lives and impacted each of us in individual ways. The anxiety of sickness and death combined with pressures of employment, mounting bills, feeding our loved ones, and supporting social distancing measures is enough to crush nearly anyone.

But it will not crush you and it will not crush us! Because, behind America’s cities, ports, highways, and urban areas are the fathers, mothers, patriots, and grandparents who built this country with grit, determination, and hard labor. 

This grit is generated deep within our culture to establish ourselves as the backbone of American resolve and set an example for the rising generation. These are the men and women supporting our infrastructure by keeping our supplies stocked, supporting transportation, and maintaining critical manufacturing or production operations. These are the farmers and support service workers, truck drivers, warehouse employees, construction workers, manufacturers, repair technicians, and all other essential workers who, in the midst of all this anxiety and trial, continue to fight this pandemic alongside our nurses, doctors, and first responders. 

For all this, Majestic salutes you. You are more than essential. You are critical and indispensable. You are American backbone! 

If you find yourself on the frontlines of supporting our infrastructure and fighting against this pandemic, please remember to be safe. Our hospitals are overloaded, our first responders exhausted, and you are too important to your families and America to be injured.

Injury prevention is critical because you are critical

Please protect yourself and those you work with to prevent exposure and limit the transmission of the virus by following safe worksite risk prevention practices: 

• At the start of each shift, confirm with all workers that they are healthy. 

• Use eye protection (safety goggles/face shields).

• Prevent hand injuries with a cut resistant or the equivalent glove policy.

• In work conditions where required social distancing is impossible to achieve, affected employees should use PPE to include, as appropriate, a standard face mask, gloves, and eye protection.

• Drive to work sites/parking areas in a single occupant vehicle. Staff should not ride together in the same vehicle.

• When entering a machine or vehicle which you are not sure you were the last person to enter, make sure that you wipe down the interior and door handles with disinfectant prior to entry.

• In instances where it is possible, workers should maintain separation of 6’ from each other per CDC guidelines.

• Multi-person activities should be limited where feasible (two-person lifting activities).

• Clean all high contact surfaces a minimum of twice a day in order to minimize the spread of germs in areas that people touch frequently. This includes but is not limited to desks, laptops and vehicles.

We will get through this together. This is who we are.

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