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Winter Lined Gloves

In this category you will find our winter lined gloves. We carry winter lined palm dipped gloves, winter/freezer gloves, leather driver gloves, heavy duty work gloves, winter lined mechanic style gloves, winter lined Armor Skin gloves and more.

Types of Lining

  • Fleece: Brushed Cotton. Perfect for moderate cold weather.
  • Polyester Fiber Batting: Hollow fiber insulation
  • Pile: Synthetic Wool
  • Foam: Synthetic Sponge
  • Thinsulate: Micro fiber insulation
  • Heatlok: A blend of hollow and micro fiber creating a very effective and economic insulation material

Choosing the Lining

Each type of winter glove liner has unique properties and understanding the differences will make your glove choice much easier. The purpose of all liners is to trap dead air between your hand and the outside cold. This air acts as a thermal buffer, keeping the warmth inside the glove. The choice of liners is dependent upon the glove, outside temperature and the fit and feel desired from the glove. Many gloves are lined with 3M® Thinsulate® Insulation, which is microscopic fibers engineered to trap dead air with more efficiency, providing more warmth with less bulk.